Rock Your Cannabis Interview Workshop  

As America's fastest growing industry, hundreds of individuals are attempting to take advantage of the awesome opportunity, making it extremely competitive to get a job. As cannabis recruiters who place hundreds of employees every year, we know exactly what cannabis employers are looking for. Let us help you prepare and rock your cannabis interviews! 

  • Learn the three P's to an awesome interview: prepare, practice, perform 
  • Go over what cannabis employers are looking for  
  • What to expect: before, during and after 
  • Learn how to develop your story (exercise) 
  • Learn about the different types of interviews and questions (exercise)
    • Behavioral Interviews
    • Situational 
    • Case / Skills 
  • Go over body language techniques 
  • Develop a follow up plan for after the interview 

Resume & Cover Letter Building Workshop

Does your resume and cover letter standout to cannabis employers? Chances are it doesn't! Hundreds of resumes don't even make it to a hiring managers desk. Cannabis employers are looking for certain credentials, which need to be properly presented on your resume.  Attend our resume & cover letter workshop and we will help you develop an awesome resume and cover letter!