What our clients are saying about Gradujuana

Nelson Oliver, O.penVAPE

"From the inception of our meeting, Karson at Gradujuana was enthusiastic and attentive to the resource need, and worked diligently to source and qualify candidates for the position.  Gradujuana provided attuned service over the course of the engagement to understand and adapt in working to fill the role, and maintained consistent communication with coordinating an exceptional solution to the need".

Diane Czarkowski, Canna Advisors

"Canna Advisors has used the services Graduana for two placements within our small firm. Placing an individual in a small firm is very complicated because one person makes a very big impact on how all of the members work together. Graduana has been able to help us find qualified candidates to fill the positions we needed and that also fit within our company culture. Karson is extremely responsive to our timelines and schedule and was able to find the right people from a variety of sources in a short amount of time".


Nicole Keddleback, Ajoya

“Gradujuana candidates showed up for their interviews on time, enthusiastic, and ready to start working if we made them an offer. The candidates were fully vetted, and all of them matched the description we were looking for. Gradujuana has saved us time and money”.