We recently recruited Bethany as a regulatory specialist for Canna Advisors, a top industry consulting group based in Boulder Colorado. Bethany graduated from the University of North Carolina Asheville and received her law degree from Charlotte School of Law. Bethany claims, “One of the reasons I pursued a career in the cannabis industry is because I love that it’s on the cutting edge of the Law. I also like that the industry is growing so quickly. I’m excited to look back in twenty or thirty years and say that I was part of an important cultural shift in our country”. Read the full interview below! 

Does what you studied in school come into play in your current employment in the cannabis industry?: "My French degree only comes into play tangentially; in that studying a foreign language made me a better writer, and gave me a better vocabulary. I use my legal education almost daily, even though I’m not practicing law. Law school gave me great analytical skills and made me a more critical thinker". 

How did your family and friends react when you told them you were pursuing a career in cannabis?: My friends were thrilled for me; they thought it was a great fit for my rebellious personality. My family has also been pretty supportive, although my mother sometimes worries that I’ll end up in federal prison. She keeps telling me that I don’t look good in orange.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to a job seeking looking to start or transition their career into the cannabis industry?: "Network, network, network! This industry was born in the black market, where it was inadvisable  to work with someone you didn’t already know. I think that a lot of employers have a “find someone you know,” mentality, left over from when people risked going to jail. The good news is that people in the cannabis industry are pretty welcoming. Go to as many events as you can, introduce yourself to everyone, and have fun".