How to Successfully Apply for Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

How to Successfully Apply for Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

When looking at the cannabis industry it is hard to not recognize the growth opportunities present on the investment and employment sides. As a Talent Acquisition firm in the cannabis industry, it is our job to find our client’s the best talent for their open positions. Sometimes this talent requires experience in the cannabis industry and other times it requires experience in other industries like finance, human resources, and marketing.

At this point, you might find yourself wondering, “How do I get cannabis experience if the industry is so new?!”

Well, the answer to that is two-fold, if you had the opportunity to work in the Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, or California markets you would have been able to work with some of the big name companies like Willie’s Reserve, Marley’s Naturals, Pax or Leafly during their earlier market expansions. If you were fortunate enough to ride the earlier waves of the professional cannabis industry, it is important to utilize your existing network to share opportunities with others in your network.

If you didn’t, no worries, there are TONS of ways for you to get involved within the industry. However, the most important piece advice to remember is to not apply for jobs that you are not qualified for. Attending networking events with the NCIA, Women Grow, or SSDP will allow you to understand the potential jobs that await you.

Sometimes it’s a big undertaking to attend an event and you might think to yourself “ I can’t make the time to attend a networking event or pay for the cost of these events.” To that I say, you CAN make the time to attend an event and you can pay for the event, you’ll just have to make the commitment to attend or sacrifice your free time to volunteer and help out. The relationships you build during these networking events can help give you insider tips and insights to propel your career in the right direction.

Now that we’ve broken down the networking part of the industry it’s time to look at how to apply for a job in the industry online. When reading through the job boards online, job seekers may find opportunities on sites like Vangst Talent Network, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Angel List,  and Vangsters. Just like any other job, it is important for you to READ THROUGH THE JOB DESCRIPTION. It is important that you understand the entire scope of the role as well as the qualifications required to be successful in that position.

If a recruiter or hiring company does not call you back ask yourself, “am I qualified for this job, is my Linkedin profile up to date, is my resume up to date and accurate?”

As someone on the hiring end, the most frustrating part of my job is sifting through resumes of candidates who have a completly irrelevant experience to my client’s job description. HOWEVER, if you feel compelled to apply for a job that does not fit who you are on paper, I would encourage you to write a personalized cover letter explaining why you think your skill set makes you a great fit for the role. After reading the cover letter it is now up to the hiring manager or recruiter to decide whether or not they’re going to take a chance on you as a candidate.

Now that you’ve applied for a job it’s time to wait. If you have a good resume/relevant experience, and you know it, hiring companies will call you back. If you don’t, think about ways that you could improve your experience. You’re probably thinking “Well how do I learn new skills if I don’t have a new job??”  Very easily, dear job seeker, you can sign up for an online class, sign up for a FREE webinar, attend a networking event, essentially take the initiative to become the most sought after candidate in the cannabis industry. It’s possible, it just takes effort and initiative. 

Transitioning into the cannabis industry is a commitment and the first step to a successful journey is making sure that you and your resume are job interview ready! The best way to do that is to submit your resume and general job inquiries to or apply directly to our website at We are proud to be your cannabis job resource and will contact you when we have a position that best fits your background.

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Marijuana Jobs of Today and Tomorrow

Medical Cannabis Jobs Available today

Twenty-eight states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico are equipped with some variation of medical legalization. That said, each state or territory has their own special legislation on cannabis, and can vary significantly. With that said, how one may get into the industry will vary state by state, but in general many of the jobs in the cannabis industry will be similar across the country. The one similar fact though is that anyone working in a plant touching capacity will be required to obtain some type of medical recommendation or badge. Although there are some hurdles to getting into the industry, there are many great viable career paths, including cultivation, dispensary, ancillary, and activism.

Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

Ultimately, if you want a job that is vital to the marijuana industry cultivation jobs are where you want to be. These jobs typically require a medical recommendation or badge certifying you to work with the marijuana plant. Jobs range from trimming, growing, drying, cloning and genetics. Without these roles, patients and consumers wouldn’t have a product. Most cultivation jobs require a varying degree of experience within the industry and background knowledge regarding the science of the plant.

If you’d like to learn more about the fundamentals of commercial growing, roles like trimmer, harvester and drying tech are great entry-level positions to consider. These roles will help to prepare you for full-time work within a commercial cultivation facility. These jobs typically pay on an hourly basis and don’t come with benefits. However, if you are interested in growing and have little to no experience, they are the fastest way to move up the ladder in a cultivation facility.

Moving up the chain, we have growers, genetics experts, and facility managers. Typically you’ll need a background in agriculture, botany, or horticulture or experience with indoor/outdoor farming to obtain these roles. Cultivation jobs vary by state, and by facility size. A 2,000 sq.ft grow may only require one person to do all three jobs, while a 600,000 sq.ft facility may separate the roles into several positions. In addition, to the grow size the type of growing varies greatly from company to company. California, Oregon, and parts of Colorado are known for their large outdoor cannabis grows, while states like Washington, Massachusetts, and most of Colorado are known for having exclusively indoor grows. If you enjoy plants and don’t mind getting your hands dirty maybe a marijuana growing job is for you.

Dispensary Jobs

There are a fair number of reasons why working at a cannabis dispensary is a dream for some hopeful job seekers. The “budtender” is responsible for providing patients with their merchandise, as well as educating consumers on the plant. To be successful in this role, you must be extremely passionate and knowledgeable about cannabis products, and be able to recommend the best treatment for every patient.

Not only is the budtender responsible for understanding and explaining the many different types of cannabis strains in stock, they must also be knowledgeable in different forms of concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and methods of cultivation. As with other customer support occupations, having an empathetic and knowledgeable budtender is crucial to producing an excellent patient experience, while simultaneously giving the medical cannabis industry the kind of professional yet personal look it deserves.

Again this varies by state, where a budtender position in a Colorado recreational dispensary may be more of a cross between a cannabis enthusiast and a retail associate. However, if you work at a medical dispensary in New York the position may be more of a caregiver, healthcare associate role. In this retail setting, you’ll be recommending patients products based off of their symptoms and needs, not just selling the top shelf products. Similar to cultivation jobs these positions work directly with the plant and require an employment badge or medical recommendations.

Delivery Occupations

Medical marijuana delivery jobs are an essential service for patients in states that allow them. Cannabis delivery jobs allow for patients to receive their medication without having to drive to the store; similar to how prescriptions are delivered by a pharmacy. Cannabis delivery is valuable for individuals who are unable to drive to their local dispensary, especially older or disabled patients that don’t have a caregiver, because it may be the only means a patient can receive their medical cannabis products. Delivery services on behalf of dispensaries or collectives vary from state to state. Delivery roles are currently not legal in Colorado, but states like California and Massachusetts cannabis delivery jobs make up a large portion of the market. These are typically hourly wage positions.

Ancillary Cannabis Businesses

The marijuana industry is growing at such a fast pace and there are untold job opportunities related to medical marijuana. Some of these positions include promotion, photography, creative design, brand ambassador, reviewing, media and more. There are plenty of great opportunities to put your skillsets to use, you don’t need to be a grower or a budtender anymore! Marijuana business is just like a regular business. The need for marketing, accounting, sales, and management positions are necessary. Due to the exponential growth, candidates with non-industry skill sets are in high demand.

Medical Cannabis Occupations of Tomorrow

There is major room for advancement within the legal cannabis industry, although medical marijuana businesses continue to be entrenched in convoluted legislation. Medical cannabis jobs are becoming widely available across the US and Canada. Now is a better time than ever to get involved with the booming medical and recreational cannabis industries. If you need help starting your marijuana career don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Vangst.

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Where Are All the East Coast Cannabis Jobs?


Where Are All the East Coast Cannabis Jobs?

While Marijuana jobs are abundant in Colorado, California, and the west coast, the remainder of the cannabis industry is beginning to expand into the midwest and the east coast. Job seekers may begin to get restless due to the lack of cannabis jobs outside of directly touching the plant, however, Vangst Talent Network is here to say that there are many jobs related to the marijuana industry available for talent across the country.